Human Genetic Introductory Discussion


Tell the class the following

Where you are from

What you hope to learn in this class

What you find most interesting about Genetics.

If you have taken on-line classes (even if it was just in high school or in the second half of Spring Semester 2020  what has specifically helped you learn on line. What type of activities help you most? Reading? Videos? Interactive activities? Others?

If the following 2 people had children, give one trait they might have

Introductory exercise

List something that you think you can learn in this class that you can not learn simply by googling or by a you tube video.

Finally, Say something about yourself (some hobby or interest for example) without  actually naming the hobby or interest. This is like something that has been going around social media in which someone might say “Tell me you are from Michigan without telling me your are from Michigan” and someone else might respond “If someone asks me where I am from, I point at a place on my hand”. Note that there is a scientific reason to do this: You are giving evidence for something, rather than simply making a conclusion.

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15 thoughts on “Human Genetic Introductory Discussion”

  1. Hello!
    My name is Ethan and I am from Laingsburg, MI. I hope to learn some basics about human genetics and to fulfill a biology credit. The most interesting thing to me about genetics is genetic diseases being passed down from generation to generation. I have taken 3 or 4 online classes and the biggest thing that helps me is the readings, I can do these at my own pace and seem to understand them the most.

    If the following two people had a child than the child might have curly hair.

    I think that I can learn about genes that some of my classmates might have that I wouldn’t be able to compare on youtube or google.

    One thing I love doing results in me eating fresh fish!

  2. I am from Eaton Rapids, Michigan.
    I’m not really sure what I hope to learn in this class, but I am excited to be learning something new. Honestly, I don’t know much about genetics, but the topic in itself is interesting.
    I have been taking on-line classes since my senior year of High school, and what helps me most is videos, as well as interactive activities. Reading helps some, but it’s easier for me to retain the information if I am able to listen to the book as I read.
    If the following two people had children, one trait that I assume the child might have, is brown eyes.
    I think something I would learn from this class that I couldn’t google or by a YouTube video would be how genetics really work, how it is determined that we receive the traits we do.
    I spend my days taking care of my kids.

  3. Hi, I am Brad. I am from Lansing, Michigan. I do not know a lot about human genetics, but it does interest me. I have taken many online classes in the past, and being able to work ahead is important to my success. I like to complete assignments as soon as possible after they are published, and I prefer reading assignments. In response to the exercise: The child may inherit a nose shape similar to their parents. I think I will learn to think about human genetics in a structured, formal way that I might not learn by studying disjoint information from informal sources. In the pitch dark, I wander into the woods, and wait.

  4. My name is Lydia, I am from Lansing, MI. I learned a little bit about genetics in AP biology in high school. Still, it was never super in-depth, so I hope to learn more about how different traits can affect the phenotypes, specifically when multiple genotypes are contributing to one phenotype! I think genetics in general is very interesting, I think one specific thing I find interesting is the way our genes come from both parents and that some features look more similar to one parent.
    A similar trait I noticed was that both of them have high cheekbones.
    When learning online, I think the most helpful thing was collaborating with other people whether it was a group chat, or messaging on a discussion board it really helped to get other people’s help, and communicate with them.
    I think I can learn about the specific genes and how they affect the physical traits being shown and why they appear more than the other genes.
    As for my hobbies, I like to give people handmade gifts they can wear on their wrist!

  5. My name is Payton and I’m from St. Johns, MI. I want to learn more about the genetics involved in cancer and other types of disease. One thing I find interesting about genetics is how one child can look like one parent and how the other child can look like the other parent. I’ve learned a little bit about this and found it interesting, so I hope to go into more depth.
    I’ve been in several online classes and what I’ve found helps my learning the most is extra practice problems to go along with the readings and lessons we do.
    If the following two people had children, one trait they might have is dark hair.
    In this class, I think I can learn about specific genes and why they affect our traits the way they do.
    My favorite sport looks a lot like don’t let the balloon touch the floor!

  6. My name is Rebecka, and I am from Holt, MI. I find gene expression interesting and was excited to see biochemical genetics listed in the syllabus. What helps me learn the best online is being able to rewatch lectures and have a quality read aloud feature for the text. Being able to visibly follow the text while hearing it at the same time helps keep my nugget on task and invested. If I were to guess on a trait the child may have from the parents would be the cheekbones. Something that I think I could learn from this class that I could not on google on my own is how it all works and flows together. My hobby is hay burners.

  7. Hi! My name is Taylor and I am from Grossepointe, MI. I am not familiar with how genetics work but I am looking forward to developing an understanding of the subject. I have taken several online courses through LCC. Reading, taking notes, and applying the information to an assignment/interactive activity is how I learn best!

    Intro exercise: The child will most likely have brown eyes but green and blue eyes are still a possibility!

    I will learn a whole semesters worth of information regarding human genetics. I will learn fundamentals and concepts, to which a google search or YouTube video could not compare.

    My favorite hobby is putting colors on a variety of things!

  8. My name is Addisyn Grostefon
    I hope to learn and memorize the Punnet Square and which traits are dominate.
    Like I said, I find the Punnet Square most interesting about genetics.
    Videos and At Home Labs help me with online classes.
    A trait that the 2 people could produce is brown eyes or blonde hair.
    I think that I can learning more about dominating traits in class instead of googling or “youtubing” it.
    As for hobbies, I like to take care of breathing and non-breathing organisms, not including the human race.

  9. Hello! My name is Lauren Mulka and I’m from Haslett Michigan.
    I hope to learn more about trait inheritance in this class as well as different ways gene therapy can be used to fight genetic diseases. I find everything about genetics fascinating! I’ve loved learning about Punnett Squares and how different pairs of alleles can pass down different traits, one of the most interesting things to learn about was the existence of recessive x-linked traits that make it more likely for one sex to inherit a trait than the other, which I find incredibly cool.
    All of my classes switched to online classes in the spring of 2020, and then all the classes I took during the 2020-2021 school year were online, as well as all the LCC classes I took last semester, so I have a bit of experience dealing with online classes, and I’ve always found that video notes and being provided with analogies and examples has helped me to learn best rather than just being expected to read from a textbook to learn information.
    If the two people in the google slide were to have children, I would expect their children to not have a widow’s peak.
    I think in this class I can learn about mutated genes and how variant alleles work to form traits like red hair.
    And one fun fact about me is that I own almost 200 books!

  10. My name is Will Boekeloo and I am from St. Joseph Michigan and I’m taking this class mainly for the biology requirement but I have always had a fascination for genetics and I figured I would at least take that which sparked my interest.

    The two people both have higher cheekbones and dimples. I’d imagine that trait would be seen in their child.

    Aspects of learning on-line has it’s benefits and its drawbacks. The main point being the freedom to choose how you spend your time, which rides the line of being a benefit or a drawback depending on how you use it. All my life I’ve associated screens with video games and cartoons so having the discipline to sit down and do work on a screen was a bit of a hurdle. But I’ve found that reading articles and writing keeps me engaged more than watching a video lecture.

    I don’t think you can really learn much by just googling. Yes you can watch youtube videos and tutorials to learn to play an instrument or how to solve a rubix cube in five minutes. But nobody has the discipline to google every aspect of genetics and study it beyond a ‘fun fact’ level of knowledge. Having a structured lesson plan and a flesh and blood professor to help you truly grasp the complexity of something like genetics is not on google.

    As for a hobby, when people ask me if I’m busy, I usually say no.

  11. Hi there! My name is Melanie and I’m from Lansing 🙂

    I’m hoping to learn.. well, about genetics 🙂 The topic itself is really interesting to me although I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know a whole lot about genetics. I’m really interested in genetic testing!

    I would say that videos and reading are always really effective learning tools for me w/ online classes.

    If the following 2 people had children– all I know is their kid is going to have a full head of hair 🙂

    Introductory exercise

    I would really like to learn about how eye color and hair color is determined in detail. I suppose I could Google it (you can Google anything it seems) but I want to be able to actually understand it as well!

    As for a hobby– I love to float down the river with a drink in my hand.

  12. Hi! My name is Jaden.
    I’m from Taylor, Michigan.
    I’m taking this class as it’s a requirement for a biotechnology degree. However I love science so I’m excited to see what i’m able to learn from the class.
    Im not sure on specifics of what I hope to learn from the class, but I think it’ll be an interesting subject.
    I like to learn through textbooks and lectures. This class wasn’t offered in the evenings so here I am online.
    for the introductory exercise. Id say the two people would have a child with darker eyes.

    I think the depth of what we’ll be learning will be worth more than just a quick google search.
    One of my main interests include watching grown men throw a ball down a field and hoping they catch it. Sometimes they kick the ball through a weirdly shaped metal pole.

  13. Hello everyone. My name is Danielle. I grew up in Davison, MI (by Flint) and now currently reside in Williamston, MI.

    I mainly just hope to get better overall at genetics. It has never been my strongest point, but I am especially interested in genetic disorders and diseases.

    If those two individuals had children, they would have brown eyes.

    For online classes, the best way to learn is powerpoint lectures. I prefer them to in class lectures because I can pause and re-watch if I missed an important point or need to watch it a few times.

    One thing I think we’ll learn in class is mainly understanding the basics of genetics. We can google “what is this genetic disorder” and it will tell us what it is and what genes may be affected, but this class allows us to understand why those specific genes have interacted in a certain way to produce this disorder.

    For my hobby, I like to move furniture around inside houses to make them look a certain way.

  14. Hi! I am Caitlin. I am from Mason, MI originally. But, I currently live in Grand Haven. I just hope to learn everything I can from this class. Something I find interesting about genetics is the diseases that are pasted down from family genes. I found that interactive activities helped most because I am a hands-on learner. They would most likely have brown eyes. I think I could learn how diseases skip generations and probable causes. I am really interested in black/white dolphins.

  15. Hello, my name is Bryce Reed.
    I really don’t know really anything about genetics so I hope to learn everything I can. I find it interesting how diseases are passed down for some family members but skip others. And I learn better with a more of a video demonstration or hands on. And I would guess that the child would have brown eyes. And something I think I will learn that I can’t online is how genetics really effects every living thing and not just humans.

    Something I like to do is stare at a screen.

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