Human Genetic Introductory Discussion


Tell the class the following

Where you are from

What you hope to learn in this class

What you find most interesting about Genetics.

If you have taken on-line classes (even if it was just in high school or in the second half of Spring Semester 2020  what has specifically helped you learn on line. What type of activities help you most? Reading? Videos? Interactive activities? Others?

If the following 2 people had children, give one trait they might have

Introductory exercise

List something that you think you can learn in this class that you can not learn simply by googling or by a you tube video.

Finally, Say something about yourself (some hobby or interest for example) without  actually naming the hobby or interest. This is like something that has been going around social media in which someone might say “Tell me you are from Michigan without telling me your are from Michigan” and someone else might respond “If someone asks me where I am from, I point at a place on my hand”. Note that there is a scientific reason to do this: You are giving evidence for something, rather than simply making a conclusion.

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Writing Checks PD Days Talk

At the end of this video, I asked if there were ways that, in-line classses, The “hares” (The students who are ahead of everybody else could help the tortoises “those who are a bit behind”. Any thoughts would be welcome as a reply.

The Cassandra Project

Charles Darwin once described an orchid with a very long nectary and predicted that there would be an insect with a very long tongue that would pollinate it. Years later (after Darwin had died) an insect that looked like the one he predicted was identified and was called “X. morganii praedicta“. It wasn’t until 1992 that it was directly shown that this insect pollinated the orchid, Angraecum sesquipedale. This story is described in Moth tongues, orchids and Darwin – the predictive power of evolution

Thanks to orchid expert Rob Halgren for telling me about this accomplishment of Darwin.

Based on this tale and and other stories of amazing prediction in science, I thought it would be an interesting idea to start a blog which my students (and anyone else) can contribute to which describe such feats.